Just the Start

It’s raining. Has been the entire run. Every bit of me is soaked. My waterproof jacket is apparently only waterproof for an hour and a half. Doesn’t matter, the rain feels awesome! I’m feeling a bit tired, and the green tea Kit-Kats aren’t a good substitute for proper run fuel, but they gave me the boost to get over the 9 mile mark. The water fountain downtown is thankfully operational, and the water is welcome. A little while later and I’m on the home stretch.

12.3 miles. 12.4 miles. 12.5 miles.

12.6 miles. POW. Knee pain. Snap. Stop running. Can I do high knees? No no NO! That hurts. Can I do anything resembling bounds? Not even close. This is knee pain akin to what I felt on my 30th birthday last year.

Half mile to go. Stop and stretch the quads, do some leg swings.¬†Walk a bit. Yup. I can move. Just keep moving. Go back to the dreaded J word: JOG. It’s almost like running, but my legs aren’t really moving like they should. My head is yelling “FINISH STRONG, KEEP RUNNING!” but experience is telling me “STOP!” It’s alright though, I’ve felt this pain several times before, each time when I pushed myself too hard during training, amping up the miles too much. The best course of action: don’t push it. Just walk.

13.0 miles. So close.

I see our house. The urge to sprint through the front door rises. The knee pain isn’t sharp, but it’s present nonetheless.

13.1 MILES. My first half marathon!

My Garmin actually reads 13.5 miles, due to forgetting my jacket at the beginning of the run. The next week will consist of a lot of stretching and icing so the tight muscles and tendons that cause this pain fall in line and I can continue training for the Bayshore (one month away!). Probably no running until Friday or Saturday.

The moral of the story? Be smart, don’t add too many miles too quickly, and if you do find yourself hurting on a run know that you shouldn’t feel compelled to try to overcome it by going fast. Oh, and I RAN A HALF MARATHON!

Run happy!

First Half Marathon - April 30 2017


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