Weekly Training Log: Jan 15-21

Not much running this past week. Daily PFPS stretches and excercises though.

  • Tuesday Jan 17th: 1.2 mile treadmill run at 12:30 pace (treadmill runs are far more painful to me than I would have expected)
  • Saturday Jan 21st: 2.0 mile run around the block at 9:37 pace. Lots of fog, but beautiful run.

Plan for upcoming week:

  • Tuesday Jan 24th: 1.5 mile run @ 10:30 pace
  • Wednesday Jan 24th: 30 minutes on trainer bike
  • Thursday Jan 26th: 1.5 mile run @ 10:30 pace
  • Sunday Jan 29th: 2.0 mile run @ 11:00 pace

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